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Breaking Bad is an amazing show, we can all admit that. The relentless arc of Walter White’s character, from his pathetic life as a school teacher and car wash attendee, to a murdering druglord – it is simply too much to summarise into adjective-laden intro. I could try, but really, why spend time trying to describe something in words when you could just go and watch it again instead? Ok fine, watching it again takes about 50 hours, but that’s better than the 50 seconds spent on this paragraph. I should know because now I’ve done both. And after watching it again I have found that the second time round, even more so than the first viewing, I am marvelling at what creator Vince Gilligan and the gang delivered.

The End…

No, there is a point to this fan rant, and that is that while watching the series through again I noticed a chunk of my emotional responses have almost completely reversed. During the first watch I found myself cheering Walt on all the way. To see him develop and to succeed was addictively satisfying. To see him escape, and outwit, and just plain win was what it was all about. But this second time around, I am almost disgusted by him. He is a liar, a manipulator, a murderer, a proud and self-pitying man, who, little by little, destroys his family’s lives and the lives of all those around him by repeatedly making selfish and reckless decisions.

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New Trailer For The Raid 2 Brings The Action0

raid2-bannerWith its brutal hard-hitting fight scenes and simple yet effective narrative, the Indonesian action flick The Raid made quite a splash when it was released a couple of years back. Simultaneously putting Indonesian cinema back on the map and making director Gareth Evans a name to keep a close eye on, the film was a relentless and exhausting tour de force that resonated strongly with Western audiences. So given its resounding success, Evans quickly announced that he would be following up the film with two sequels. It was hard to imagine where the series would head following the single-setting of the original, however the newly released trailer for the Raid 2: Berandal provides a rough overview of what we can expect.

Gone are the grimy walls of that familiar rundown building crawling with creeps and goons, in its place a sizable prison, which our hero Rama (Iko Uwais) looks to be heading undercover to infiltrate. But the trailer indicates that this won’t be the sole location of the inevitable carnage. In fact The Raid 2 seems to have more in common with a gritty crime thriller than a straight up martial arts kick-fest. The tense fights are certainly still in place; however the grander scope of the film seemingly indicates that we’re in for a much broader plot than that of the original. Plus it looks like we’ll be getting some intense showdowns taking place in a wider variety of locations, such as on trains and in public streets. The Raid still stands as one of my favorite action films of the last decade, so I’m itching to feel broken and exhausted by this sequel once it finally kicks its way into cinemas.

Watch the trailer below.

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First Image Revealed For Seth MacFarlane’s A Million Ways To Die In The West0

seth-macfarlaneThe first image from Seth MacFarlane’s western comedy A Million Ways To Die In The West has just rolled into town. It’s a rather ambiguous sight, with MacFarlane staring down Neil Patrick Harris, while Amanda Seyfried and Charlize Theron stand by and watch the confrontation.

Eye off the image below.

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Transcendence Teaser Promises A New Form Of A.I.1

transcendence-movie-bannerIt’s been trailer trailer mania over the last couple of days. Following hot on the heels of the teasers for Interstellar, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes and The Expendables 3, we now have our first look at cerebral sci-fi thriller Transcendence.

Starring Johnny Depp and produced by Christoper Nolan, Transcendence sees Depp working on a new form of advanced Artificial Intelligence that could transcend the capabilities of the human brain. We see next to none of this plot in the extremely brief trailer, with only Depp’s monotone voice-over hinting at what’s to come. Yet despite its brevity and ambiguous nature, it’s an effective taste of what looks to hopefully be a smart slice of sci-fi entertainment.

Watch the teaser below.

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The Expendables 3 Teaser Trailer Reveals Its Cast0

expendables-3-teaser-bannerThe Expendables are back! The teaser trailer has just dropped for the third installment in the testosterone-fulled franchise, with an emphasis being on the tease in teaser. We get some whistling, some walking, and then a dramatic reveal of the film’s star-studded cast. Seeing as how we’ve seen most of these guys side by side before it’s not much to get excited over, but it’s admittedly cool too see the new additions to the cast mingling with Stallone, Schwarzenegger and co.

Watch the teaser below.

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First Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Trailer Is Here1

dawn-of-the-planet-of-the-apes-posterWhen Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes came to an end, it was clear that a sequel was on the horizon. All the necessary pieces were in place for the story to continue, with the titular apes loose and the human population dwindling due to a lethal virus, however it was hard to envision how the post-apocalyptic sequel would look following the surprisingly touching and contained original.

Well judging by the newly released trailer for Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, the devastating downfall of the human race and the uprising of our ape overlords has been captured in a realistic and dramatic manner. This sequel could have easily turned into a silly, high-concept follow-up, but thankfully it appears the tone of the original has remained intact.

Watch the trailer below.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Gets A New Poster0

amazing-spider-man-2-posterThe marketing for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has thus far focused on the film’s plentiful villains and its visually impressive action sequences, however this newly released poster for the anticipated sequel has taken a radically different route. Gone is the razzle and dazzle, in its place a simple image of Spider-Man overlooking his city, with some foreboding lightening crackling in the distance. It’s a simple, if not slightly uninspired design, yet the effective tagline adds the extra necessary punch – “His Greatest Battle Begins”.

Check out the poster below.

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The Teaser Trailer For Christoper Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ Has Landed0

interstellar-official-movie-logoTeaser trailers exist to grant fans a fleeting taste of an upcoming film. Usually a key shot or two are revealed, perhaps a few famous faces, but for the most part the key plot points and sequences are kept under wraps. However the newly released trailer for Christoper Nolan’s upcoming Interstellar takes things to a whole new extreme. Barely a frame from the film is to be seen. Instead it’s the overall tone of the film that’s on display.

The stock footage that takes up most the teaser’s run time accompanied by McConaughey’s moody voice over makes for a unusual yet intriguing combination. I still have no idea what Interstellar is about, yet this strange two minutes of vague footage has certainly succeeded in piquing this viewer’s interest.

Check out the trailer below.

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Edge Of Tomorrow Trailer: ‘Groundhog Day’ Meets ‘Starship Troopers’0

edge-of-tomorrow-imageWarner Bros. has unveiled the first trailer for their upcoming science-fiction thriller, Edge Of Tomorrow. Previously titled All You Need Is Kill, the film sees Tom Cruise step into the shoes of a soldier fighting the good fight against a race of alien beings. Ready for the catch? Every time Cruise’s character falls in battle, which appears to happen frequently judging by the trailer, he returns to the start of day of his death, doomed to partake in the same futile skirmish over and over again. But with each time he falls in battle he learns a little more. He eventually falls in with a female soldier played by Emily Blunt, who helps him hone his less than impressive combat skills. Through this training he gradually becomes a more proficient soldier, one that may be able to turn the tide of the battle.

Boasting a premise that appears to be equal parts Groundhog Day and Starship Troopers, the film looks like an extremely entertaining, cerebral ride. Plus it appears to feature rich characters to accompany its eye-popping set pieces. Looks promising.

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***POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT*** Rumours of Star Wars VII Plot Leak0


If you don’t want spoilers, then stop reading now. I’ll give you a few lines of leeway.

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