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I think it’s time we got a few things straight: Yes. I plan on making this an ongoing thing – it’s much easier and equally as disappointingly unrewarding as the longer more structured film commentary I became so infamous for (and by infamous I mean notfamous which sounds a little like an Irish football club)…so we’re clear on that? Right. Next: I don’t like it, you don’t like it, but the picture of the scene board is here to stay. That is to say that until someone offers me an original, well drawn personification of my intrascopic, possibly amusing, blogger self, I will have to stick with my current branding. Third: I’m switching the posters to thumbnail size; the “small” option on WordPress is rigid and belittles my already brief paragraphs. Fourth: It is intro, Movie, Movie. Let’s get on with the movies.


Yes another 80s film. That’s 3 out of 8. But when you are writing regularly for a film site the whole upkeep of appearances extends beyond formatting and branding; you also need to know a little about movies. So while I toil away at a back catalogue of 80 classics (most of which I have seen…Nis) there is a (front?) catalogue of current movies that I am missing. But before last night I couldn’t have said “Beetlejuice? Yeah with Winona Ryder, Geena Davis, Michael Keaton and young thin,  handsome Alec Baldwin; it’s probably my favourite Tim Burton film.” Instead it would have been more like “Yeah I saw it ages ago…” Which, frankly, will not cut it.

But since you asked I actually really enjoyed it. A lot. The idea is original and the tone is fun. It has a great blend of characters and a few darker themes that are handled in a family friendly but still cool manner. I loved the table dancing scene. I laughed much more than I would have expected. I would say out of the recent 80s flashbacks I have been having (Gremlins, Goonies, Labyrinth) Beetlejuice would probably fare best if it were released today (apart from the special effects on the sand snake thingy – which would be more at home in an Adult Swim cartoon). But this was plenty fun and I promise no more 80s movies for at least a week.

Monster In Law

Let me just sa-

(pause for ridicule)

*Boomier crowd silencing voice – like when the judge says “Order”* Order!

(pause for crowd returning to order)

Let me just say that there are sacrifices and compromises made in life that are best kept under wraps. But as Paul McCartney says: “Take a sad song and make it better” I think it is justifiable that I should call this film to the stand. It is after all one of the hindrances to my above conundrum in that in the stead of a much worthier choice there are many terrible films just begging to be watched. Monster In Law came about as a bit of comic relief to ease the thematic tensions creeping into the old personal life, and in doing so effectively made every other great film I ever watch from now on one movie night late.

But this mill running romcom about J-Lo, some guy and his crazy mum, while paling in comparison to every Everybody Loves Raymond episode, did actually manage to make me laugh a few times. Which makes me wonder: Am I losing touch with my cynical, hip, comedy nerd self? But that is a question for another Filmbogging, which makes me wonder: Should I have saved Monster in Law for another conversation? Is it possible to make a sad song double better? Do two wrongs make a right? We might need a Fifth Rule!!!! Also I think the thumbnails need to go…

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7 Comments on "Filmblogging IV"

  1. Bent_Dave said Jan 20, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    Do they award the Victoria Cross for film criticism? Surely for courageously subjecting yourself to the horrors of “Monster In Law” you deserve an order of commendation in the shiny medallion variety.

    • I think it’s time I join the local RSL and start a heavy drinking habit, trying to block out the horrors of the past

  2. I absolutely love Beetlejuice. It’s the perfect of the great work Tim Burton was once capable of in his prime.

    I too was unlucky enough to be forced to endure Mother In Law a few years back. However unlike you I can’t recall laughing at it even a single time. In fact the damage it inflicted on my brain was so severe that I’ve since had to block it from my memory.

  3. I haven’t seen either of these movies – have wanted to see Beetlejuice for a while, so need to get on that. As for the other one…

  4. “Boomier crowd silencing voice – like when the judge says “Order”* Order!” is my favourite quote from this post. Also, any time you want to put in more Beatles references gives you more points…

    • I don’t want points Nis; I want money. When are you guys gonna start paying your writers? I propose a strike! Starting three weeks ago, right after I wrote this and have since not been able produce any extra material…

    • I want money too…. I say we gang-up on Dean, he’s the man with the plan who’s bankrolling this joint

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