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What a lovely sunny day it is today in Sydney! And I’m cooped up inside on the computer, slaving away at my keyboard, bleary eyes scanning the screen to find some fun stuff for you all out there to liven up your Friday. Woe is me. So let’s get straight to it so I can go out and enjoy some of that sunshine! Happy Friday everyone!

Stuck In the Toybox With You

I’m starting off the post by filling my Disney/Pixar quota for the week with these Toy Story mash-up posters. Created by artist Jim Tuckwell, not only are these posters clever and very fitting with the Toy Story characters that are chosen, he’s even gone to the trouble of making those fake little fold creases for added authenticity. Looking forward to some more of these — Jessie as Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Stitch perhaps? Or maybe, more fitting to Jessie’s style, as Uma Thurman in Kill Pete?

To see more of Tuckwell’s work, check out his tumblr page.

Mate, the Zombies Are Coming!

Quite a while back I posted about a zombie experience in the UK where you are trapped in a shopping centre and must kill zombies for survival. Well, and this is exciting news, Australia will be getting its very own zombie survival experience! Called “Patient 0″, it’s set up as a real-life, multiplayer, first-person-shooter, role-playing game. There are levels to unlock, customised (laser) guns, and even zombie “bosses” you need to defeat. The project was started on Pozible and by the 3rd of August, over AU$240,000 was pledged to cover the creators’ target of AU$10,000 (!!). Debuting in Melbourne this Halloween, with enough interest, this event could possibly be visiting Sydney, Perth and Brisbane as well. Just quietly, this looks fucking awesome.


Head to the IRL website for more details.

Clever Girl 

Jurassic Park is one of those movies that makes you feel like a kid whenever you watch it. Any self-respecting kid loved dinosaurs while growing up (or even better, never stopped loving them), and that moment when the Brachiosaurus first comes on screen, munching on some treetops, your mouth drops in awe no matter how many times you’ve seen Avatar or The Matrix. Until that moment when someone creates a real-life dinosaur experience (no, those lame 3D shows don’t count), we’ll have to be content with little dinosaur-related tidbits like these created by artist Miranda Dressler. Sam Neill looks a bit evil, and Jeff Goldblum is uncannily alike, but I really wanna see a Sam Jackson version.

Mosey on over to Dressler’s blog for more sweet movie-related imagery.

Now in 16-Bit! 

I’m pretty excited to see the upcoming Wreck-It Ralph. In this year of 2012 at 31 years of age, my gaming capabilities stopped back in the mid ’90s with Super Nintendo and Sega (OK, I do play Wii, but when grandparents can use a console, there’s not that much challenge to it, is there?), so those old-school characters in the film really pander to my nostalgic side. Similar to the Lots-O’-Huggin Bear TV commercial released for Toy Story 3, Disney have released these arcade game ads which really make my hands itch for a NES controller and some good ol’ Ice Climber or Little Nemo. Seriously, once games hit 360˚ vision and more than six buttons on the controller, I was done.


There’s also a newer-style Mario Kart-inspired one which though not as nostalgia-making, still pretty cute.

Excel in the Art of Extreme Creepiness at MU

And just because you can never have enough Pixar stuff, in anticipation of the Monsters Inc prequel coming out next year, the insane geniuses over at said animation studio have put together this super-detailed website for the Monster University. It’s got everything from campus info, admissions, to an apparel store (where you can actually buy stuff! Showing my MU pride and buying a tee in 3… 2… 1…), and much, much more. It’s really impressive, though when I think about it, not all that surprising. Pixar have a level of detail that is just so high up there that you kind of just have to stop being amazed at all the awesome things they churn out. I’m not even ashamed to admit that I spent way too much time on this site — probably more than I spent on my own Uni’s website back when I was pursuing my Bachelor’s degree. Trust Pixar to make something lame like a College website this cool.

To find out more on how you can enrol, check out the Monsters University website.

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5 Comments on "Fun Stuff Friday!"

  1. That Monsters Uni site is way too cool! I want a 4 armed hoodie!!

    The toy story mashups are also awesome!

    • I actually tried the 4 armed hoodie (or 2 neck) but you can’t actually select them… Bummer… But you can buy the regular ones! I just can’t get over that site, it’s amazing

    • Yeah i know :( i suspect they will have them as ‘Available soon….’ indefinitely as well, but if one should become available……. (a man can dream right?)

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