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so-much-awesomeI’m running late for a movie, my computer is about to die and I accidentally deleted the entire original draft copy of this article, so please don’t expect the following mass of barely coherent sentences to resemble a high-point in English literature. Not that it usually is, however if you are holding onto hope that one day one of these Fun Stuff Friday articles is going to be like reading an undiscovered Hemingway novel, then unfortunately you might have to wait just a little longer. Instead this particular entry is going to be a mad ramble to the finish that will most likey make little to no sense (it already doesn’t). But at least it has pictures!

I literally have 1% battery life left, so I’m going to try to finish this quickly. This week we once again bring to you the latest batch of cool and quirky movie-related material that’s currently cycling the Net. As usual we have some more awesome fan art, as well as a couple of particularly unique collectibles. (My computer just died but I’m back!) Anyway, hope you enjoy this week’s Fun Stuff Friday, if you have any feedback or want to point out any more fun stuff that I may have missed, leave a message in the comment section at the bottow of the page. Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy, and watch some movies!


Detailed Lego 15:1 Scale Back To The Future DeLorean

What’s the greatest building material in the universe? Why Lego of course. And what’s the most iconic, albeit redundant, time-traveling car ever featured in a hit 80′s film? Damn straight it’s a DeLorean! So combine these two and you have an earth-shattering, galaxy-destroying display of pure awesome. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on…. The Lego DeLorean. It’s so great…lego-back-to-the-future-delorean This miracle in Lego construction was created by Alex Jones aka Orion Pax. Also be sure to check out his sweet recreation of The Hills Valley Clock Tower, all built in Lego of-course!


Calvin And Hobbes Meets The Walking Dead

Have you ever been reading a Calvin and Hobbes comic and wondered what the lovable duo’s whimsical adventures would be like if Hobbes was a flesh-eating zombie rather than a cuddly tiger? If you answered yes, then you’re obviously one seriously messed up individual. I mean it’s a children’s comic for Christ’s sake. What part could a murderous zombie possibly play? If you answered this latest rhetorical question with, playing games and having spectacular fun with his best friend, then I guess you made up for your original warped answer, because that’s kind of adorable.wheres-carl This cute mash-up entitled Where’s Carl was created by Joel Watson.


Fan-Made Prometheus Posters

I love a good piece of fan made poster art, and these unsettling Prometheus posters featured below are up there with some of the most effective I’ve seen. I’ve only posted a couple of my favorites, so be sure to check out the rest in the series by clicking on the link listed below the images.

prometheus-fan-made-1 prometheus-fan-made-2

These awesome posters were created by artist Midnight Marauder. I’ve linked to his work in past entries and I highly recommend checking out some more of his seriously cool work.


New Walking Dead Minimates

Zombies are everywhere at the moment. On our TVs, video games, comics, books, artwork, EVERYWHERE! And now with the impending release of these Walking Dead Minimates, they’re now going to be invading the shelves in our homes. I mean who could resist purchasing these little suckers? They’re so small! walking-dead-minimates Construct your own miniature army of the undead, buy some tiny zombies from HERE.


Pixar Iron Man

Now that Disney now owns Marvel, it’s a possibility, a faint one mind you, that the genius minds behind Pixar could theoretically create the first high-end CGI comic book film. But if you don’t want to wait a possible eternity to find out what such results may yield, then simply hover your gaze over the image below to see an amazingly detailed image of Iron Man’s Tony Stark toiling away in his workshop, all rendered with a bright and colorful Pixar art-style.

pixar-iron-man This image was created by digital artist Victor Hugo, check out more of his work right HERE.


I Know That Feel, Bro Art

It’s a mash-up of worlds in this creative art work featuring various pop-culture characters. These characters have all put there differences aside to carry out one singular deed, to share their personal misgivings about their various unique personality traits. Some of these are pretty funny, with that Alien/Venom and the Batman/Harry Potter being my own personal favorites.

i-know-that-feel-bro I’m not sure who the individual/s responsible for this artwork, but it originally showed up HERE.

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4 Comments on "Fun Stuff Friday – More Movie Fan Art, A Lego DeLorean, Some Miniature Zombies And More"

  1. haha, you had built so much tension with the dying battery. I was like “How did he finish the article? This will be intense. Then your battery had died the next sentence.

  2. That Pixar Iron man pic looks awesome! :)

  3. 1. LEGO DELOREAN OMGGG… That is HEAVY! Lego need to mass-produce those suckas!
    2. Calvin & Hobbes are an obsession of mine — if you read more of the comics, you’ll know that calvin actually has this one story about mutant killer monster snow goons, so zombies aren’t that far off!
    Nicely done once again Dean

  4. Lego DeLorean. Breaks the time space continuum without even going back in time.

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