Fun Stuff Friday – Star Wars Art, Minimalist Posters, Epic At-At Cat Scratching Post, The Avengers Join Facebook And More!3

shield-of-dreams-nick-furyAfter taking a week off I’m back by popular demand! And by popular demand I mean everybody pleaded for me to let Nis to take over the Fun Stuff Friday articles from now on after the great job she did last week, but since I’m such a narcissistic control freak, I chose to answer such reasonable demands with a triumphant “NEVER!” So following on from a particularly girl-ified entry last week, I’m going to go right ahead and deliver an addition of Fun Stuff Friday so jam-packed with testosterone that you’ll grow a moustache just from reading it.

So what does this rugged, macho edition of Fun Stuff Friday have to offer? Well how about an adorable piece of Star Wars influenced art that features a young Han Solo cuddling a teddy bear and dreaming of all the different creatures who inhabit the Star Wars universe. What do you mean that’s not macho? Well besides from that particularly tough as nails addition, we also have some more imaginative minimalist movie posters, the greatest cat scratching post you’ve ever seen, some Facebook chatter between the members of The Avengers, a line of geeky night lights and much, much, MUCH, more. So as always, I hope you enjoy this instalment of Fun Stuff Friday. It may not live up to the high standard set by Nis last week, but hopefully it’ll suffice. With that I’m out. Enjoy your weekend and be sure to squeeze some movie watching time into your schedule.

Friends Of The Force

Since there was a noticeable lack of Star Wars content in last weeks Fun Stuff Friday (*shakes fist), I decided this wrong needed to be righted immediately. Artist James Hance has created a few Star Wars inspired artworks, all of which are similarly adorable. This one sees a young Han Solo dreaming about some the bizarre creatures he’ll have the fortune of meeting one day, however I’m not sure if it’s just me but this particular painting seems to carry a particularly dark vibe about it. Does it not look like those creatures are itching to just get their hands on young Han so they can strangle the life out of him? I mean even the Ewok looks suspiciously sinister. Regardless, this is another fantastic piece of art work and can’t wait to see the next instalment in the series.


This fantastic piece of art was created by James Hance and is part of his ongoing Wookiee the Chew series. Check out more of his work right HERE.


Minimalist Poster Art

I love fan made poster art. It’s amazing to me that a talented individual with an eye for artistic flare is capable of creating a piece of poster art that’s often more imaginative and effective than those that we see lining our local cinemas. Such is the case with this line up created by Daniel Keane. Keane has done a terrific job at taking the less is more route here, perfectly balancing a few iconic images along with sparse overall designs. The below are but some of my favourites, with the 300 poster in particular drawing a nod of approval from me with its simple yet deceptively clever approach.




The above are but a taste of the full range of poster art that was created by Daniel Keane. Check out the full line HERE.


Epic At-At Cat Scratching Post

Wow, some cats live the life of luxury don’t they? I guess it all comes down to who their owners are. In the case of this incredibly lucky feline, his owner happened to be a huge Star Wars nerd. A stigma that has the potential to draw ridicule from the non-believers inhabiting the real world, but garners nothing but respect and love from us cave-dwelling internet addicts. So this particular Star Wars fan clearly decided his cat didn’t have a comfortable enough life. So ensure his pet a had it really easy, he went ahead and asked a friend to construct a cat palace, modelled after a freaking At-At from Star Wars. Yes! If that wasn’t enough, once inside, the spoilt cat can enjoy some miniature bottles of assorted booze while gazing at his collection of wall mounted bird heads. Plush.



Read more about this epic endeavour right HERE.


The Avengers Join Facebook

Have you heard that The Avengers have joined Facebook? Is there anybody who doesn’t have Facebook now? I could go ahead and attempt to sum up how amusing the online exchanges between the world’s mightiest heroes are here, but it would be something of  a fruitless endeavour. Just go ahead and check out their conversations below and try not to stifle a chuckle or two. Some exerts are funnier than others, but on the whole this still a humorous look at how this band of superheroes may interact in the online world.


This hilarious mashup comes courtesy of Funny Or Die.


Geeky Night Lights

Get ready to kiss your night terrors good-bye. With the likes of The Punisher, Spider-Man and Captain America watching over you while you sleep, those dastardly dream demons are going to have a tough time tainting your peaceful nights sleep. No longer will you have to worry whether or not your much-needed nap will bring on visions so depraved that they would make The Crypt Keeper cry, instead this assortment of Marvel heroes will see to it that every night you’ll sleep like a baby dreaming of nothing but unicorns and rainbows. I know I’m a grown up and everything, but I really, really want the Punisher model. So cool….

punisher-night-lightSpidey-night-light captain-america-night-light

Bask in the protective glow of your favourite superhero. Click on the following links to purchase your nigh light of choice:   Spiderman/Captain America/Punisher.


Iron Man Stain Glass Lamp

I love all these people who are so passionate about a certain pop culture character that they feel obliged to create art modelled after them. Case in point, Michael Mclane who is clearly something of an Iron Man fan judging by the immaculate stain glass lamp he forged based on the character’s iconic guise. And holy crap is that thing beautiful or what? Some serious time and effort clearly went into this labour of love and it paid off big time. Unfortunately the lamp is not for sale, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of owning our very own assembly of illuminated Avengers.


This gorgeous source of illumination was created by Michael McLane


Real Life Harry Potter

Ok this addition is just silly, but it made me laugh so for that reason alone I felt I had to share it with you. This is apparently a picture from a real life school photo and as you’ll notice, a trio of the children featured bare an uncanny resemblance to the protagonists from a certain film series starring a boy wizard. Take a look for yourself and tell me it isn’t absurdly funny.


This ridiculous image comes from Reddit.


Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Trailer

Yeah I know, this is a movie site so technically speaking video games don’t really have a rightful place here. But along with proudly baring my nerdy love for movies, I’m also a hardcore gamer. And while a large population of so called video game fans out there have turned their backs on the Call Of Duty franchise, I still enjoy them for the sheer thrill of feeling like I’m stuck in a Michael Bay movie. I especially enjoyed Black Ops, particularly due to the zombie mode which I wasted far too many hours off my life wrapped up in. So I’ll admit that I’m a little excited to dive back into this world of crazy gunplay and confusing conspiracy theories, even if the gameplay is going to be identical to every other instalment in the franchise.

Black Ops 2 will hit all major systems on November 13, 2012.

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