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When the credits rolled on Prometheus, I for one was disappointed. I didn’t hate the film, in fact I thought it was pretty good for the most part and surely beautiful to look at, but there was alot of loose ends. This could now change, thanks to the fact that Ridley Scott is going to make a sequel.

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Fox has announced the film is set for release in either 2014 or 2015. Reportedly, Noomi Repace and Michael Fassbender are already signed on for a second film, meaning a sequel was probably planned from the start. And considering the ending of Prometheus, I would have to assume that is the case.

This is very good news indeed, as a second film could really tie the room together.*


Source: Hollywood Reporter



*Pointless Big Lebowski reference.

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4 Comments on "Prometheus Sequel Announced"

  1. I’d prefer a reboot of the first film instead.

    • Do you mean a reboot of Prometheus, or a reboot of Alien? Because if anyone ever tries to remake Alien I will personally risk life and limb to stop the production!

      A reboot of Prometheus on the other hand may be a bit too soon, but there are so many little tweaks that could be made to that film to make it better.

  2. hmmm, I too have been burnt a bit by prometheus, after thinking it was going to be great and having so many holes in the plot/characters, my faith in the sequel giving proper answers is small; i suspect they will just give more unanswered questions…

    but yeah, too early to reboot like lorenzo suggests, you cant reboot a movie after its just been made haha.

    Also, you guys miss me? Got back from the USA/Canada last week :)

    • Welcome back Phil, to be honest the site missed all of us over Christmas. Dean went AWOL and the site was like Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone.

      But the boss is back and 2013 is gonna be an even bigger year so we want even longer essay comments from you!

      As for Prometheus it is best not to get too excited. I think you’re right it will be a mess like the first one

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