For Your Halloween Consideration 2012 – House Of 1000 Corpses0

house-of-1000-corpses-posterFirst and foremost, allow me to wish you all a very happy Halloween. Today is the day where ghouls of young and old dress up and roam the streets looking for a fix of candy. But if you’re more of the type who prefers to stay at home on October 31st, then good news, I have an appropriate dose of horror to get you through the night. In the past I’ve picked more light-hearted, over the top films as my Halloween picks. After all, Halloween is a holiday that plays on our fears in a fun fashion. But to break this tradition,this year I’ve chosen to stray away from mild thrills and instead pick a film that’s all about the extreme.

I’ve spoken in great detail about my failure to understand the hate that’s often directed at writer/director Rob Zombie, so I won’t recap those same thoughts here. Needless to say he’s a polarizing filmmaker who has made a handful of films that have divided audiences right down the middle, none more so than his debut feature, House Of 1000 Corpses.

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For Your Halloween Consideration 2012 – Scream1

So after my kiddy-friendly picks of the last two years, I thought it was about time that I took matters seriously, and chose a Halloween movie for an older crowd. Yes, kids have fun with their trick-or-treating, and their chocolates, and their costumes, but just because this for an older audience, doesn’t mean it has to lose the fun. Yet we have to keep in mind the origin of the day as the time when the so-called barrier between our world and the other side is the weakest, and one either becomes a victim of the lost souls, or dresses up and confronts the scariness. But let’s face it, when it comes to Halloween, we all want to be scared. Even if it’s just a little.

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15 Of The Greatest Horror Movie VHS Covers5


VHS had its day, but it has since been phased out of existence by the more pristine DVD format. And while it’s hard criticise this evolutionary step, there are some aspects of the VHS format that make me nostalgic for the days of old. I miss watching questionable trailers for bizarre films I’ve never heard of before the feature, I miss the snap, crackle and occasional hiss the tapes would emit, but above all I miss the insane artwork that adorned many of the VHS boxes.

As a kid I spent hours trawling through my local video store’s impressive library each and every week, refusing to leave until I had a pile of movies that was stacked well above my head. But within that sanctuary of mine there was one section that I passed with trepidation. A no-go zone located off to the side where it appeared only sickos and weirdos would lurk; the horror section. A strong statement considering my fondness for the genre today, but as a kid Gremlins was the scariest thing I had ever seen, so imagine the impact the sight of various slasher icons and slobbering ghouls that were splashed all over those VHS covers had on my fragile mind. Yet despite the horrors that awaited, I would often muster up just enough bravery to study the covers of these horror classics. Picking up the beaten, torn copies of A Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday The 13th, bewildered by the nightmarish images plastered on the front.

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Fun Stuff Friday – Halloween Edition2


Greetings mortals and welcome to a very special edition of Fun Stuff Friday. It’s October, home of everybody’s favourite haunted holiday. So to get you into a suitably ghoulish mood, I’ve dedicated this week’s Fun Stuff Friday solely to Halloween. So be prepared to come face to face to some amazing Halloween dioramas, some of the best jack-o’-lantern carvings I’ve ever seen, some impressive alternate horror posters and more!

With that I bid you farewell until next week. But until then, have a happy and safe Halloween everybody!

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Eden’s Halloween Pick – Juan De Los Muertos (Juan of the Dead) (2011)0

juan_de_los_muertos_posterThere are a lot of zombie films out there. I mean how many are there? 1000? It’s possible. We’ll probably have to set up a committee to conduct a six month investigation just to determine the relevant criteria. But for now let’s just stick with 1000 as my point is: How difficult is it to create a zombie film now that has its own identity. In recent years the horror sub-genre has had a few tongue-in-cheek films that poke fun at the concept while still being true – Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead – and Juan De Los Muertos is born out of a similar mindset. But while it has a go at a few original ideas, and some comedic charm, it is not quite the 1 in a 1000 kind of film you are hoping for.

Juan is set in Cuba and begins with the Zombie uprising just starting to generate momentum. It follows Juan and his friends – a rag-tag band of misfits – who watch on the news as the socialist government dismisses the zombies as anti-social dissidents. As the chaos grows Juan sees an opportunity to make some money by starting a business, in which his crew promises to kill people’s loved ones who have been infected by the virus.

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Live Event Report – Warner Bros. Movie World Fright Nights 20112

Warner_Bros._Movie_World_Halloween_Fright_Nights_LogoHalloween isn’t exactly a widely celebrated holiday down here in Australia. Often thought of as more of an American tradition, it’s usually shunned by the mainstream masses refusing to acknowledge its existence. Houses and shops adorned with glowing jack o lanterns and other various Halloween decorations may be a common sight in the States, but here in Australia it’s a rarity. Sure, a few of the major retailers may host ‘spooktacular Halloween sales’, but generally speaking, they’re merely an excuse to generate some more revenue. Otherwise the only other venues that recognize the holiday are the bars and clubs, both of which use the opportunity to hold Halloween parties packing a hefty cover charge. So being the hardcore horror fan I am with a passion for anything remotely scary, neither of these examples are exactly going to quench my desire to celebrate the holiday. So this year I thought I should take matters in my own hands and head towards the one place in Australia where I was confident I could get my Halloween fix, Warner Bros Movie World on the Gold Coast for their annual Halloween Fright Nights.

Just to give anyone unfamiliar with Warner Bros. Movie World a quick rundown, it’s basically Australia’s version of Universal Studios, only significantly less impressive. Having said that it’s still host to several noteworthy rollercoaster’s such as the Lethal Weapon and Superman ride, as well as an assortment of movie themed stores and impressive live shows. It’s a relatively small theme park that’s perfect for a day outing, but any longer than that and you may find yourself running out of things to see and do.

I’ve visited the park several times over the years and thus have become reasonably well acquainted with its basic layout, so this may have contributed to my overwhelming surprise toward the radical transformation it took on during the October Fright Nights. An event that runs over select nights during the month of October, Fright Nights sees Movie World’s family friendly atmosphere twisted into something much darker and creepier. Once all the daytime visitors have vacated the premises, the park is reopened after hours under the Fright Nights pseudonym, effectively transforming it into a horror fan’s own private wonderland. Performers dressed as various horror icons terrorize visitors, rides are operational in the black of night, frightening live shows are conducted and best of all, various horror themed mazes are open for the public to brave. It’s a hell of a fun night and I’m going to try my best to provide a detailed recount of the various sights and sounds that I was privileged to experience throughout the duration of my stay.

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For Your Halloween Consideration 20114

Nis’ Pick – Hocus Pocus

If I know Dean, and I would I hope I do after years of countless movie conversations, this year’s Halloween picks will no doubt include his choice of either scary movie classic or unknown horror gem. With that in mind, I’ve decided to go the nostalgic/kid-route again, and what better choice than a Disney movie? Because we must not forget that Halloween isn’t just for Wiccans getting spiritual or for grown-ups to party, but it’s also for kids — young and young at heart — to get all spooked out and eat lots of chocolate.

Hocus Pocus tells the story of new teen in town Max (Omri Katz), who has recently moved to Salem, Massachusetts, and gets roped into taking his little sister Dani (Thora Birch) out trick-or-treating. At one of the houses, they run into Max’s new crush from school, Allison (Vinessa Shaw). She joins them on their outing, and before long they arrive at the old Sanderson House, a now-closed museum that used to belong to the famous Sanderson Sisters — witches who were hung 300 years ago for the deaths of local children. In an attempt to impress Allison, Max inadvertently lights The Black Candle, which brings the sisters — Winifred (Bette Midler), Mary (Kathy Najimy) and Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker) — back to life for one night. The sisters must then brew a potion and capture a child to suck the life out of before sunrise, or they will turn to dust. The kids, now with the help of Binx (a kid from Ye Olde Salem that was cursed into a cat by Winifred 300 years ago), must prevent the sisters from brewing their potion and getting a child, or the Sanderson Sisters will live forever.

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Daily Dose Of Terror1

psychoWith Halloween looming, I set myself a goal, a slightly unoriginal goal as it may be, it was a goal nevertheless. I would subject myself to a horror movie a day, for every day of October, leading up to everybody’s favourite spook-centred holiday. It seems like nearly every second horror site has had the same idea this year, but no matter, I still decided to make use of this challenge to treat myself to as many horror films that I’ve yet to see. And considering I’m a huge horror nerd, I knew this would be a tough endeavour. Well cut to a month later and Halloween has come and gone. Was I successful, well I’m not going to lie, I failed horribly. Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances (and laziness) I could only muster 23 horror films. But come on, that’s pretty good right? Sigh… Anyway, for those interested, read on for a recount of the movies I suffered through.

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For Your (Halloween) Consideration 20101

Jack-O-LanternHalloween is upon us fellow boils and ghouls, and there’s no better time of year to slap in your favourite scary movie and huddle around the TV together. But what’s that, you’re looking for a slice of variety this year, are you? You’ve grown tired of re-watching John Carpenter’s Halloween every year? Well what’s wrong with you, that movie is a masterpiece! But I see, maybe you’re looking to discover some new creepy flicks that will leave your flesh crawling. Well fear not fellow minions of the night, for we are here to help narrow down your viewing choices for this October 31st. After subjecting ourselves to numerous sleepless nights and endless debates, here they are, our top Halloween picks that we think will make your Halloween that much more spine chilling. Hope you enjoy! Oh yeah, and Happy Halloween!

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